Rider_60Today, Bryton is unveiling Rider 60 GPS cycling computer— the long-awaited successor to its flagship Rider 50. Rider 60 has a large 3″ touchscreen display with 8 customizable data pages. The navigation mapping is also upgraded to Road Explorer Map which includes Navteq real time turn-by-turn map and Open Street Map bike routes and contour lines. With built-in bluetooth connectivity, it enables you to have both turn-by-turn voice guidance through Bluetooth headset and upload your data to Brytonsport.com by a simple click through your mobile phones. Rider 60 is the ultimate GPS cycling computer for road and mountain bike riders!

With Rider 60 joining Bryton GPS cycling computer product line, Bryton provides you an astonishingly powerful and easy to use model to choose from. “We have been listening to professional cyclists and coaches’ feedbacks and focus to make our product close to user’s heart. Rider 60 is by far our most feature-rich and rider oriented device!” said Wolf Lin, President of Bryton Inc.

This product is going to release in Summer time. There are more stunning features of Rider 60 for you to discover.  Go to your nearest Bryton dealer and experience the cutting edge technology in your finger tips!



BRYTON INC. was established in 2009 by elite consumer electronics product development and marketing teams with years of experience in the global market. Our focus has been on product development to redefine sports electronics with GPS applications, improved usability and providing unique features to keep users interested and motivated in fitness activities. Bryton is now a sports GPS brand with growing presence in the market with a range of innovative models to suit sports lovers of all levels. Bryton brings together performance, fun and social networking into normal everyday

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