Bryton is proudly launching the new GPS sports watch, Cardio 35, to the market and all runners around the world, coming in November, 2011.


Cardio 35 is built in with high sensitivity GPS which can calculate and record your location, speed, distance, pace, stride rate, calories, cadence, heart rate and more.

No extra foot pod for indoor activities

Cardio 35 is compatible with ANT+ heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensors*. With the built-in sensor, you do not need extra foot pod for indoor running.

Easy to use Setting Menu

Cardio 35 is the next generation sports watch with multiple functions and yet easy-to-use setting menu.  The user friendly design makes it easy and clear for setting up training types by simply pressing the buttons.

Customizable Data Display

You can customize the data display by setting up the time, distance, heart rate*, speed and more.  With the auto scrolling function, you can have the info display on the watch without pressing any buttons.

*heart rate monitor is optional accessory.

Sun readable screen and waterproof

The screen with big font size makes it easy to read clearly even under the sun.  The waterproof function offers protection for the runners to run when it rains.

Bryton Bridge 2

Like all the Cardio series products, on, you can upload, analyze and share all your activity data and experience with runners around the world.

In November, 2011, Bryton welcomes the new generation sports watch into the Cardio family.

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BRYTON INC. was established in 2009 by elite consumer electronics product development and marketing teams with years of experience in the global market. Our focus has been on product development to redefine sports electronics with GPS applications, improved usability and providing unique features to keep users interested and motivated in fitness activities. Bryton is now a sports GPS brand with growing presence in the market with a range of innovative models to suit sports lovers of all levels. Bryton brings together performance, fun and social networking into normal everyday exercise activities.

Remark: Rider and Cardio series are not available for U.S. Market. • Rider 30 is not available for Europe Market.

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