Iron up with Cardio 60! The stylish and lightweight multisport watch designed for performance athletes like you. With its robust and waterproof design, you can wear it comfortably through sporting activities. Whether it is outdoor swimming, cycling or running, Cardio 60 provides you with real time guidance, reminders, training programs and records to compete with, making it a perfect training tool for you. Transition between sports is just one click away and provides you with accurate stats per sport and transition time. With its long battery hours and detailed summary pages, Cardio 60 is ideal for prolonged events and training sessions. Surpass your training goals with Cardio 60 now!
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Smartest GPS Sports Watch
  • The multisport GPS watch for performance runners, cyclists and triathletes.
  • Support triathlon activities with manual switch between run, bike and open water swimming modes.
  • Extended battery hours for long endurance training activities.
  • Pre-loaded Bryton test and workouts to test your limits, train systematically and monitor progress.
  • Programmable interval workouts to create training plans just for you.
  • Vibrate and sound alerts to provide reminders while training.
  • 6 user customized display pages within maximum of 4 data per page.
  • Dedicated lap info pages to monitor and compare lap performance.
  • Manage training data and plan your trips on
Training Management
Monitors and provides training condition for users, such as BMI, calories burned, distance and etc. It helps users to observe the changes of training condition and always keep in the best shape.

Graphic Analysis
All in one graphic chart makes it easy to analyze and track. In the full screen view, just click and drag the item, such as pace, distance, and heart rate*, you can zoom in to obtain detailed analysis.
*HRM is required.

Lap Analysis
The Lap Detail page lists number and the records of your laps. You can choose 12 out of 20 data types for displays and compare. The data allows you to compare the items which you care the most and monitor your training process.

Bryton Bridge 2TM
Bryton Bridge 2TM application allows you to upload/download tracks or workouts to/from for analysis. When there is no internet connection, you can use My Device Manager function to save tracks in your local computer.

•   Model: Cardio 60
•   Dimension WxHxD: 42.9 x 48.4 x 13.95 mm
•   Device Weight: 54 g
•   Display: 1.4" Mono LCD
•   Battery hour: 28 days in clock mode /16 hours in training mode.
•   GPS: High-Sensitivity Chipset
•   Waterproof: 30M
•   Wireless interface: 2.4 GHz ANT+
•   Alerts: Yes
•   Vibration alert: Yes
•   Lap history: 1,500 laps
•   Log history: 125 hours
•   Training Options: Simple / Interval* / Customize*
•   Heart rate zones: 7 zones
•   Bryton Bridge 2TM software: Yes
• Training Center: Yes
•   Operating Temperature: -10C° ~ 50C°

Optional Accessories
Bike Mount, ANT+ Speed and Cadence Dual sensor, Adapter

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