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Bryton Map Introduction:

Base map

Bryton base map contains high-resolution images for a true representation of your surroundings, it emphasizes the major roads, paths, buildings, parks and places of interest, including lodging, food and drink, banks, petrol stations, attractions, campsites, and more. You can get direction to your destinations with raster mapping.

HD Street Map

HD Street Map allows you to do door to door planning and navigation. It includes search for destinations by address or by points of interest such as lodging, food and drink, car parks, banks, petrol stations, attractions, campsites and more.

There are two types of HD Street Map: HD Basic Map and HD Premium Map

Bryton HD Basic Map offers a broad geographic view compared to HD Premium Map. It provides the major roads of the geographic area without small details. However, it is sufficient enough for you to navigate and locate your position. It is great for riding for broader regions.

Bryton HD Premium Map provides higher resolution of street level maps. You can navigate and zoom maps to street level and enjoy more geographic details. HD Premium Map also allows you to find and navigate to locations around the country quickly and provides locations such as airports, parks, restaurants and other point of interest.

Cycling routes and trails Map

Bryton Cycling Routes and Trails Map is dedicated for cyclists. It is designed to combine with our Bryton HD Street Maps and provide more detailed cycling routes/trails for our users.

The map is based on Open Cycle Map and the coverage is from National & International cycle network to local trails.

GB Adventurer map 1:50K (Ordnance Survey map)

Bryton 1:50K scale GB Adventurer Map is designed to give sufficiently detailed map information for mountain biking users. Bryton GB Adventurer Map includes:

(1) HD Basic Map and Cycling Routes & Trails Map as base map.

(2) all the roads, country lanes, byways and places of interest, tourist information, picnic areas, and camping sites, plus Rights of Way information for Great Britain detail to high Zoom level.

(3) terrain contours, elevations, summits, trails, trig points, campsites, geographic points and more. Contours at 10m intervals provide details about an elevation of certain area, the best way to ascend a peak or how to direct yourself by using landmarks.

(4) altitude information to provide elevation profile for planed route simultaneously.

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