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Rider 20 is the exquisite and handy cycling computer, designed to be your best companion for casual and every day rides. The screen with big font size makes it easy to read clearly even under the sun. Rider 20 is equipped with GPS to record your tracks, laps, speed, distance and calories burned. The device is also compatible with ANT+ heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensors* for advanced training. *HRM or Speed/Cadence Sensor is required
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Innovative GPS Cycling Computer
  • With built-in GPS, Rider 20 can record tracks for analyzing online.
  • Light weight and mounting design makes it easy to mount on the bike.
  • 3 customizable data screens with 12 data fields to be personalized for your activity preferences
  • Clear sunlight readable display for outdoor activities.
  • IPX6 waterproof and shockproof design for tough conditions.
  • With GPS on, 24 hours battery usage.
Training Management
Monitors and provides training condition for users, such as BMI, calories burned, distance and etc. It helps users to observe the changes of training condition and always keep in the best shape.

Graphic Analysis
All in one graphic chart makes it easy to analyze and track. In the full screen view, just click and drag the item, such as speed, distance, cadence* and heart rate*, you can zoom in to obtain detailed analysis.
*HRM or Speed/Cadence Sensor is required

Bryton Community and Bryton Sport Facebook account bring together all users around the world to share the fun, post questions and thoughts, and receive feedback from service team and users from other countries. 

Bryton Bridge 2TM
Through Bryton Bridge 2TM, you can easily upload and download workouts, rides and routes to/from With Auto-update feature, your device is always updated with the latest software.

•   Model: Rider 20
•   Dimension WxHxD: 40 x 61 x 17.5 mm
•   Device Weight: 40 g
•   Display: 1.6" Mono LCD
•   Max battery hours: 20
•   GPS: High-Sensitivity Chipset
•   Waterproof: IPX6
•   Wireless interface: 2.4 GHz ANT+
•   Bike Mount: Yes
•   Stopwatch: Yes
•   Alerts: Yes
•   Lap history: 1,500 laps
•   Log history: 600 km
•   Heart rate zones: 7 zones
•   Bike profiles: 2
•   Bryton Bridge 2TM software: Yes
• Training Center: Yes

*HRM or Speed/Cadence Sensor is required

Optional Accessories
Bike Mount, ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor, ANT+ Speed Sensor, ANT+ Cadence Sensor, ANT+ Speed and Cadence Dual sensor, Adapter

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