Smart Training with Rider 40

As a performance driven rider, Rider 40 is your best personal coach. Following training steps can be easier than ever. With Rider 40 Pre-loaded workout programs and test workouts, your training can be systematic and smooth. Rider 40 is the petite and powerful training companion suitable for cyclists whose motive for cycling is sportive and competitive. It is designed to motivate you to reach, even surpass your goals.

Rider 40 provides systematic and scientific training course to maximize your exercise output. Rider 40 is pre-loaded with 4 sets of FTP (Functional Threshold Power), MHR (Maximum Heart Rate), LTHR (Lactate Threshold Heart Rate) and MAP (Maximum Aerobic Power) training courses. 7 pre-loaded workout courses are also provided for your training: Easy Ride, Tempo Interval, Cruise Internal, Time Trial Interval, Anaerobic-endurance Interval, Power it up and 100% MAP Interval.
  • Easy Ride (Easy)
    • It is set to be a recovery and aerobic maintenance ride.
  • Tempo Interval (Tempo)
    • Tempo interval will improve your efficiency at race speed and your maximum aerobic capacity. It will also increase your lactate threshold and your level of exhaustion resistance.
  • Cruise Interval (Cruise)
    • This interval will establish longer-term endurance at an exertion level just below your anaerobic threshold. This will give you power for longer climbs and time trial and provide the sustained effort of a mountain bike race.
  • Cruise 3 x 10km (Ci30K)
    • The workout helps with your progress in increasing your speed.
  • Anaerobic-endurance interval (AE, ints, long) (AE)
    • This interval is designed to increase the anaerobic capacity.
    • This interval is very energy consuming and therefore it should primary be used for preparing for the competitions where jumps and sprints demand anaerobic efforts.
  • Enhance the Power (Enhance Power)
    • This training enables you to give full play of your greatest amount of strength in the shortest period of time.
  • 100% MAP Interval (MAP Ints)
    • The workout will increase your lactate threshold. This gives you strength for longer climbs and time trial and increases the sustained effort of a mountain bike race.
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Innovative GPS Cycling Computer
  • Support Training Peaks
  • Support power meter.
  • Multiple training modes to create your training plans
  • Speed and Cadence Dual sensor for indoor training
  • Built-in barometer for training with terrain
  • Pre-loaded test work-out
  • IPX7 waterproof and shockproof design for tough conditions.
Training Management
Monitors and provides training condition for users, such as BMI, calories burned, distance and etc. It helps users to observe the changes of training condition and always keep in the best shape.

Graphic Analysis
All in one graphic chart makes it easy to analyze and track. In the full screen view, just click and drag the item, such as speed, distance, cadence* and heart rate*, you can zoom in to obtain detailed analysis.
*HRM or Speed/Cadence Sensor is required

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Your Personal Coach
Knowing the numbers help cyclists to better plan and schedule their training targets. Bryton works with top world-famous cyclists and coaches to provide you the effective and direct training courses. With Rider 40, your best personal coach, your path to success is just fun and easy. 

Bryton Bridge 2TM
Through Bryton Bridge 2TM, you can easily upload and download workouts, rides and routes to/from With Auto-update feature, your device is always updated with the latest software.

•   Model: Rider 40
•   GPS: High-Sensitivity Chipset
•   Waterproof: IPX7
•   Display: 1.8" Mono LCD
•   Device Weight: 54 g
•   Dimension WxHxD: 45.1 x 71.9 x 17.3 mm
•   Max battery hours: 30
•   Wireless interface: 2.4 GHz ANT+
•   Stopwatch: Yes
•   Alerts: Yes
•   Record POI: 10 points
•   Pre-loaded test workouts: Yes
•   Pre-loaded Coach Program: Yes
•   Lap history: 1,500 laps
•   Log history: 600 km
•   Training Options: Basic / Simple / Zone Based* / Interval* / Customize / Lap*
•   Heart rate zones: 7 zones
•   Operating Temperature: -10C° ~ 50C°

Optional Accessories
Bike Mount, ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor, ANT+ Speed Sensor, ANT+ Cadence Sensor, ANT+ Speed and Cadence Dual sensor, Adapter

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